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Question Of The Day: Flavored Tobacco

The White House deleted language in a recently introduced tobacco regulation that would have removed flavored e-cigarettes from the market until they had been authorized by the food and drug administration.

Critics said science shows flavored products appeal to young children and encourage smoking. However, advocates say e-cigarette flavors are effective in helping adults quit traditional tobacco use.

18 NEWS asked viewers, what is more important, preventing tobacco exposure to children or helping adults kick their addictions?

Jill added, “With this logic, I guess hard lemonade, fruity wine coolers and hard cider drinks are all targeting children too.. give me a break.”

Seth said, “This isn’t tobacco by any means and it comes with zero nicotine if you so choose. Within a day of getting mine I stopped smoking and haven’t turned back. It was literally that easy.”

Corey wrote, “I started Vaping 4 years ago when I quit smoking, It was a very effective tool in helping me doing so. I believe it’s more import to eliminate smoking as a whole! Kids will do what they see adults do, so if we eliminate smoking by vaping, why not? In time Vaping goes away quicker than smoking.”

Paul added,”Vaping is likely better for adults than smoking cigarettes, but I can’t agree that the various flavors themselves are specifically helpful. And definitely young children are more apt to use sweetly flavored vapes.”

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