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Reynolds’ Vuse Fob product goes national

R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co. said Wednesday it has started national distribution of its latest Vuse electronic cigarette innovation, known as Fob. Vuse is the top-selling e-cig in the U.S. marketplace.

Carlos Lindo, president of the Reynolds American Inc. subsidiary, described Fob, which debuts in early 2016, as “the most ergonomic friendly (e-cig) device on the market” that features the ability to double the battery life and an optional child-lock device.

Fob uses Bluetooth technology with its power unit, which fits in the palm of the hand. A display provides real-time information about battery and cartridge levels, and gives adult tobacco consumers the ability to dim the display.

Fob works with the same Vuse cartridges as the Solo and Connect products now available at retail stores nationally. The cartridges fit into the device and are retractable, minimizing the exposure of the mouthpiece to dirty surfaces.

Richard Craver

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