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Young father may never walk again after e-cigarette EXPLODES in his mouth and breaks neck

A STUDENT nearly died after an e-cigarette exploded in his mouth – leaving him with a broken neck, burnt mouth and shattered spine.

Cordero Caples was left fighting for his life after he broke his neck and several bones in his face, lost his front tooth and burned his mouth when the device exploded during his work break on Friday.

The young father-of-one was studying to be a personal fitness trainer but now fears he may never walk again.

The 29-year-old underwent emergency spinal surgery on Sunday and is “lucky to be alive”.

He now faces a series of surgeries as he prepares for a “long and intensive recovery”.

To make matters worse, Mr Caples does not have medical insurance and faces extortionate costs to pay for his hospital bills under the US healthcare system.

His sister has since set up a GoFundMe page in order to try and raise money for his recovery and rising medical bills.

The manufacturer of the device has not yet commented on the tragic case that took place in Colorado.

But, tech experts believe that the explosion can be traced to “operator error”.

It is beleived that the Mr Caples had been charging the device, which was made in China, with a battery was that too powerful.

Colessia Porter, his sister, said: “It’s going to be a long, intensive recovery process.”

“He has a very outgoing personality. He’s that guy that can do whatever in the world he wants to do.

“He’s really, really into fitness, and he’s really good at it.

“That’s what he was in school to do, but with an injury like this, it puts those things in question.”

“He’s going to need 24-hour care for a while and constant monitoring from family and friends and loved ones. It is heart breaking.”

There have been at least 25 serious incidents involving e-cigarettes in the past five years – with many suffering facial and legs burns after the devices suddenly exploded.

A young man in California, Vicente Garza, had to undergo an amputation last month after an e-cigarette expoded in his mouth.

The case follows a US federal report in 2014 that warned the specific batteries e-cigarettes use mean that they can become “flaming rockets” if the battery fails.

Three men in California are currently in the ongoing lawsuit against e-cigarette companies amid rising concerns over their safety.

One of the men’s attorney’s, Greg Bentley, said: “It’s unconscionable that these products are out there, and they are randomly exploding all across the country.

“This is an unregulated industry, that is causing tremendous harm across the world.”

In October, the US banned e-cigarettes from checked baggage on airlines to protect against the risk of in-flight fires.

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