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Further Smoking Ban in Hong Kong


With effect from July 1, the smoking ban was extended to all Hong Kong’s bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues.
People working in entertainment premises affected by the July 1 extension of the ban have claimed that their businesses will be adversely affected and they are already suffering because of the present financial crisis.
However, they are only thinking about their revenue. They seem to be missing a very important point, which relates to health. They must surely know that statistics show second-hand smoke kills.
These owners should recognise that the health of their employees is more important than increased revenue.
Also, some people have suggested that business might improve with the ban. When it was implemented in restaurants, according to some surveys, businesses did not suffer.
In fact, with the ban in place some non-smokers may now go to bars they would have avoided when people were still able to light up.
It may also be good for smokers, as it may encourage them to smoke less.

R.Hau, Kowloon Bay

I don’t smoke and I always avoid going to places where smoke is found.
I am so happy that the tobacco ban has now been extended, because I can spend my money in more places.
When dining out, for example, I don’t have to ask for a non-smoking area. Besides, the whole idea of having smoking and non-smoking areas in restaurants was useless.
I was always curious about why some bars and discos were popular with smokers. Now that they are smoke-free, I hope they will adopt marketing strategies that appeal to me.
David Lue Yat-fung, Tuen Mun

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