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World’s Youngest? Boy, 2, Can’t Quit Smoking After Dad Teaches Him Nasty Habit

A 2-year-old boy from the city of Tianjin in China is the world’s youngest smoker, or at least the youngest to admit it. Except the toddler didn’t admit it — his dad did, after teaching Tong Liangliang how to light up.
Liangliang’s dad said his son was born with a hernia, and being too young for an operation, has taken up smoking to help him deal with the pain.
Now the toddler smokes a pack-a-day, and won’t quit. He screams and throws himself on the floor if he is refused a cigarette.
The Guinness Book of World Records is unlikely to accept the feat, as it has refused such requests before on the grounds that it “promoted a harmful habit.”

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