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Selling Cigarettes To Minors

SCMP – 29th January

All of us understand the seriousness of selling cigarettes to minors. But how can this problem be solved?

A law does exist which makes it illegal to sell cigarettes to minors and it must be enforced and the appropriate punishment be meted out.

Even though a law was introduced last year which banned smoking in most public spaces, smoking is still a problem among Hong Kong’s youth and there does not appear to be any sign of improvement.

One way, therefore, in which we may be able to curb the habit is to punish vendors who sell cigarettes to minors.

It is a bit like littering. If someone is caught and prosecuted for littering in the street, they are less likely to litter again. Similarly with vendors, they may think twice about selling cigarettes to a minor if they have been prosecuted in court.

Although that is a short-term solution to the problem, it could prove effective.

The government should also be looking at more deep-rooted solutions.

Sandy Cheung, Sau Mau Ping

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