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All tobacco displays to be covered

An example of the plain packaging that will be used

An example of the plain packaging that will be used

FROM Monday, April 6, newsagents, pubs, clubs and small shops will have to stop displaying tobacco products.

Large businesses have had to cover their tobacco displays since 2012, but small businesses have been given extra time to prepare.

The ban is aimed at reducing the uptake of smoking among young people in particular by removing eye-catching tobacco displays.

Smokers will still be able to buy their cigarettes and tobacco from small shops and the new rules will not limit availability.

Deputy Minister for Health Vaughan Gething said: “Young people in particular can be influenced by seeing cigarettes on display and they can also tempt adults who are trying to give up. This legislation will make an important contribution to protecting the future health and wellbeing of children and young people in Wales.”

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