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Upper Arlington may hike age to buy, sell tobacco to 21

After approving a public ban on smoking and on the sale of electronic cigarettes, the Upper Arlington City Council is now being asked to raise the age limit for buying and selling tobacco and other nicotine products to 21, from 18.

Councilman Kip Greenhill requested the change, calling it “the single most-effective intervention we can use against tobacco.”

Councilmen David DeCapua and Mike Schadek indicated initial support for such a measure, but council Vice President Debbie Johnson and Councilman Erik Yassenoff were hesitant. Johnson said she wants to find out more about how raising the age limit would affect local businesses and law enforcement. Yassenoff said he supports uniformity of regulations among neighboring communities and would prefer the issue be addressed with other communities or, possibly, at the state level.

The council took no action on the request at its meeting on Monday but is expected to consider a formal ordinance seeking the higher age limit at a future meeting.

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