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Anti-Smoking Campaign Uses Ink Extracted From Smokers’ Lungs

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If TV ads, print ads, and morbid images of diseases caused by tobacco products were not enough to keep you away from cigarettes, then the Thai Health Promotion Foundation’s new anti-smoking campaign definitely will.

This Thai health organization collaborated with BBDO Proximity Thailand and the Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok to bring their anti-smoking campaign to a whole new level by making ink from tar extracted from smokers’ donated lungs. The organization used this ink to create a large number of ads and even distributed samples of the ink around the country.

You may consider this campaign morbid or you may not, but one thing is certain: it proved to be very effective. After its launch, the campaign has gotten a lot of attention on various news segments and social media, which has helped spread the anti-smoking message. According to BBDO’s video (which you can check out below), five times more smokers applied for Thai Health Promotion Foundation’s program to quit smoking.

Apart from grossing out smokers, I am sure that this campaign will be just as effective at dissuading anyone who is considering taking up this nasty habit.

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