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July 16th, 2009:

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Alcohol and tobacco priciest in Europe

Ireland Headlines

A new European Union survey released today has revealed that consumer price levels in Ireland last year were found to be the second highest in Europe, with alcohol and tobacco prices here by far the most expensive in the 27-member bloc.

Drinkers and smokers faced prices a staggering 84% higher than the EU average, according to the survey by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities.

Overall, Denmark was the most expensive across the EU 27, indexing at +41% above the EU average, followed by Ireland (+27% above EU average) and then Finland (+27%). Bulgaria was found to be the country with the lowest prices.

The figures are taken from a basket of goods including food, alcohol and tobacco, clothing, consumer electronics, personal transport equipment and hotels and dining out.

Food in Ireland was found to be the second most expensive in the EU (27% above the average), behind Denmark and just above Finland.