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May 27th, 2009:

Canadian Expert Panel on Tobacco Smoke and Breast Cancer Risk


‘Extortionists’ Need to Take Cut As Well

SCMP – 27 May 09

Here’s how Hong Kong capitalism works. The capitalists – Public Eye likes to call them extortionists – will charge you profiteering prices for everything from plane tickets and bar drinks to a tin of sardines. Those prices will stay at profiteering levels even when economic times are tough. The capitalists will still hit you with HK$60 drinks and fake supermarket sales. But they’ll go running to the government for relief measures financed with your tax dollars. That’s what the bar owners, retailers and tourism trade are doing right now, marching in the streets to demand government help from the financial crisis and swine flu. They want to delay the smoking ban, waive sewage charges, get cheap government loans, and handouts. Here’s some advice: if you think the smoking ban will break the bars, charge less for your drinks. The customers will pour in. And to the travel trade we say this: afraid of the swine flu? Cut ticket prices. Your planes will be full.