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Czech gov’t approves bill on banning smoking in restaurants completely

PRAGUE, June 3 (Xinhua) — The Czech government approved on Wednesday a bill on completely banning smoking in restaurants, at concerts and dance parties.

The bill will take effect as of January 2016 if it passed by parliament, said Czech Health Minister Svatopluk Nemecek. The bill also prohibits the sale of cigarettes and alcoholic drinks in vending machines and introduces other measures to reduce the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

The sales of cigarettes and alcohol via Internet are also being restricted. The restrictive measures concern also electronic cigarettes and herbal products for smoking. Igniting of them would be prohibited even in movie theaters, sports arenas, schools, transport, covered platforms and shelters at stops.

According to the new bill, pubs and bars will be bound to offer at least one non-alcoholic beverage cheaper than beer on drinks menus. Penalties for violating the bill would also be toughened. For example, if drunk children are found in a pub, the pub would have to immediately close for two days.

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