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Queensland to widen smoking bans in outdoor areas

Smokers will find it even harder to light up in Queensland under proposed new laws.

Health Minister Cameron Dick said the laws would ban smoking in and around childcare centres, children’s sporting events, bus stops and other areas.

It is already illegal to smoke inside pubs, clubs, restaurants and workplaces in Queensland.

Other areas such as major sports stadiums, outdoor eating areas and patrolled beaches are also off limits.

But Mr Dick said further restrictions were needed because more than 3700 Queenslanders were still dying each year because of smoking.

“Smoking, even second-hand smoke, is proven to cause cancer,” Mr Dick said on Saturday.

“That is why our government is taking strong action to support people who want to stop smoking and to protect the rest of us who choose not to smoke.”

Cancer Council Queensland chief executive Professor Jeff Dunn said the laws would be a positive step towards a smoke-free state.

“These proposed changes will safeguard people from second-hand smoke, encourage more smokers to quit and prevent more young people from taking up this lethal habit,” Prof Dunn said.

“Children and young people will benefit significantly through discouragement of generational smoking and reduced exposure to the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.”

The laws, which are being drafted, are expected to be introduced into the parliament next month.


Smoking banned at or near children’s organised sporting events, childcare centres, skate parks, aged care facilities, pedestrian precincts near state government buildings, national parks, public swimming pools, outdoor pedestrian malls and public transport waiting points like bus stops;

Smoke-free buffers to be increased from four metres to five metres outside government, commercial and non-residential buildings;

Local councils empowered to ban smoking in other public spaces; and

Ban on sales of tobacco products by pop-up retailers like those at music festivals.

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