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Dangerous Trend: Some Teens Using E-Cigs To Smoke Cannabis

New York (ABC News) – Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs)…their use among high school students has been growing exponentially over the last couple of years. So, it’s no wonder that these trendy devices have many parents worried.

Now, new research may give these parents even more to be concerned about. The research suggests high school students may be getting creative with the substances they “vaporize” in these e-cig devices. Namely, cannabis.

Researchers at Yale University and Oberlin College surveyed roughly 4,000 high school students in Connecticut and they found that nearly six percent of these students admitted using e-cigs to smoke cannabis. The rate at which these students used e-cigs for this purpose is twenty-seven times the rate found in adults.

The practice is potentially dangerous since the hash oils and waxes used in e-cigs can be much more potent than other forms of the drug, and the vaping technology effectively masks the drug’s smell, making detection more difficult. Of course, this study doesn’t necessarily reflect what’s going on in the rest of the nation, but it does suggest that parents and teachers should be on the lookout for this new smoking technology.

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