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Comments on other issues: 70% of smokers are teenagers: Expert

Seventy percent of Indonesian smokers are teenagers, an expert said on Friday.

“The majority of Indonesian smokers are between the ages of 16 and 25,” said Hasbullah Thabrani, an expert in tobacco consumption, as quoted by Antara news agency.

Your comments:

In Malaysia, there is a ban on cigarette sales to those under 18. There is also a fatwa on the ban for Muslims, but most smokers pay no attention to the edict. Loh Taun

Indonesia has some of the coolest and hippest anti-smoking ads in the world. They are so cool that they can be interpreted as cigarette advertising themselves (although cigarette ads are already rampant).

Observe how their warning sign carries a picture of a “cool, muscular dude” puffing away and in the background there is a picture of a really “cool” skull (which to them is supposed to represent death but kids will probably see it as the guy smoking away to ward off this ghostly skull). Abu

It is time to execute a few tobacco executives or maybe a few smokers. That should act as a deterrent! Coling

I feel reluctant to agree with the presented data. In order to make it bite, the government should increase the excise tax every three months to follow in the footsteps of Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. According to a survey taken in 2014, hand-rolled clove cigarettes are much cheaper than machine-made ones as lower tax is imposed on them. Revising and increasing the excise tax would surely hurt the pockets of die-hard smokers and warn youngsters that it is an expensive habit to pick up. Luwanto

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