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Dubai seizes 5 tonnes of bad tobacco

Dubai’s law enforcers seized nearly five tonnes of tobacco which do not carry dates of expiry and source of origin, newspapers reported on Sunday.

The stuff, worth around Dh500,000, was seized in raids ion 16 shops in various parts of the emirate as part of a crackdown on items that pose health hazards to the public.

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development launched the raids on many tobacco shops within a campaign to ensure they comply with local rules.

The tobacco impound at the 16 shops is used in pipes and it bags were found without expiry dates or any data on their contents or source of origin.

“We will continue these raids on tobacco and other shops because the safety of consumers is our top priority,” Ibrahim Bahzad, Director, Intellectual Property division at DED, told ‘Emarat Al Youm’ Arabic language daily.

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