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Queensland considers ban on smoking at skate parks, pools and bus stops

Bill to be introduced by Liberal National party also prevents sale of cigarettes at music festivals in bid to keep young people from developing smoking habits

Breaching the bans, which are enforced by local governments, can attract an on-the-spot fine of $152, with a maximum penalty of $758.

Professor of health policy at Curtin University and president of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health, Mike Daube, said with close to 90% of the Australian population now non-smokers it was hard to see why Victoria was slow on implementing the outdoor dining ban.

“It isn’t rocket science – Victoria could simply follow the example of the other states where this legislation has been in place for years,” Daube said.

“It is a concern that a two-year delay gives the tobacco industry and its allies time to lobby for more delays and exemptions.”

A study of 10 million births published last week in the journal Nature Scientific Reports found the introduction of smoke-free legislation in England in 2007 was associated with clinically important reductions in stillbirth, low birth weight, and neonatal and infant mortality by 2011. Almost 1500 stillbirths and newborn deaths were avoided in the first four years after the laws prohibiting smoking in public places was introduced, the study found

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