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Warrington pub boss fined over smoking ban

A Warrington pub boss has been fined £400 and ordered to pay costs of £725 after admitting failing to stop people smoking in the Cheshire Cheese pub in Latchford.

Denise Cooke was found guilty by Warrington Magistrates Court on Wednesday 19 August for breaching the smoke free rules under the Health Act 2006.

The prosecution was brought by Warrington Borough Council’s regulatory services following the recovery of CCTV evidence from the pub by Cheshire Constabulary.

The CCTV footage from 16 March 2015 revealed Cooke smoking behind the bar while serving customers who were sat at the bar and were also smoking.

Peter Astley MBE, assistant director for regulation and public protection, said: “The smoke free legislation under the Health Act 2007 has been in force since 1 July 2007. Ms Cooke had received previous advisory visits from officers to ensure she fully understood the smoke free rules.

“The legislation was designed to improve the health of those previously at risk from second hand smoke particularly those working in premises like pubs. If you breathe in second hand smoke you are exposed to over 4000 chemical gases and particles, some of which are proven harmful and dangerous poisons.

“This legislation is very popular with those who work in and frequent, pubs and other public spaces due to the health and other benefits and it is inevitable that we will find out very quickly when these laws are being flaunted.”

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