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Tax-News: Belgium Backs Royal Decree On Tobacco Tax Rise

by Ulrika Thomas, for Tax-News:

On the recommendation of Finance Minister Koen Geens, the Belgian Council of Ministers has approved a draft Royal Decree, providing for a rise in the excise duty rates imposed on tobacco.

As a result, from January 1, 2014, the excise duty on cigarettes will be fixed at EUR6.8914 (USD9.2) per 1,000 pieces, while the special excise duty rate will be EUR16.70 per 1,000 pieces. For smoking tobacco, the excise duty will be fixed at EUR0 per kilo, while the special excise duty rate will be set at EUR14.5 per kilo.

Furthermore, the minimal excise on the weighted average price is increased to 101 percent for cigarettes, and to 102 percent for smoking tobacco.

The draft Royal Decree provisionally modifies the Belgian law from April 3, 1997, governing the tax regime for manufactured tobacco.

11 Nov 2013

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