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ASH Daily News for 04 June 2013

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Smoking parents warned of damage to children

Public Health England has launched a mass media campaign to increase awareness of the hidden dangers of smoking in homes and cars.

[includes video]

Source: Sky News – 04 June 2013

Smokers cost their employers an extra £4,000 a year each, finds research

Smokers cost their employers the equivalent of around £4,000 more each year compared to non-smokers, according to new research, conducted in the USA.

The study, published in the Tobacco Control journal, found that several factors linked to the habit including absenteeism and smoking breaks resulted in greater costs to businesses.

Source: Wales Online – 04 June 2013

Surrey council to continue tobacco investment

The Surrey Pension Fund Board has decided to continue with the council’s current strategy of investing in tobacco companies where the fund currently has just over £11.1 million in equities and £1.5 million in fixed income corporate bonds, totalling £12.6m.

Source: This is Surrey Today – 31 May 2013

Thieves switch from metal to bulk cigarettes

Stealing cigarettes in bulk has become the crime of choice for hardened criminals as metal theft goes out of fashion according to the Daily Express.

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Source: The Daily Express – 02 June 2013

Cambridgeshire: Police free to puff on e-cigarettes at work

Cambridgeshire police will allow tobacco craving officers to ‘smoke’ e-cigarettes at work, as long they don’t do so in public.

Source: Cambridge News – 04 June 2013

Industry survey of GPs reveals that many identify nicotine as a harmful cigarette-smoke component

A small survey of GPs in the UK and Sweden, commissioned by British American Tobacco, revealed that some hold the view that one of the greatest health risks from smoking is nicotine.

The online survey sought to assess the knowledge, perceptions and attitudes to tobacco and nicotine products of healthcare professionals in the UK and Sweden and to understand what types of advice in relation to the use for alternative nicotine products are being offered to smokers.

Source: BrightSurf – 03 June 2013

Canada: Ontario wins important victory in $50bn lawsuit against tobacco firms

The Ontario government has won an important victory in a $50-billion lawsuit against tobacco manufacturers after the Ontario Court of Appeal refused to let international parent companies out of the court battle.

The province is seeking damages dating back several decades in relation to medical treatment costs for lung cancer patients.

Source: The Globe and Mail – 30 May 2013

Australia urges world to stand up to tobacco industry

Australia’s health minister, Jane Halton, during a session of the World Health Organisation (WHO), has urged governments around the globe to stand up to the tobacco industry, saying it was confident of victory in a new legal battle over its landmark plain packaging rules.

Source: Expatica – 31 May 2013

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