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Duty Free at Taipei airport yesterday – all packets have health warnings ! not so in HKG

5 pictures for you

1 of 5: My Pictures\2013-05-24\DSCN4581.JPG

2 of 5: My Pictures\2013-05-24\DSCN4582.JPG

3 of 5: My Pictures\2013-05-24\DSCN4583.JPG

4 of 5: My Pictures\2013-05-24\DSCN4584.JPG

5 of 5: My Pictures\2013-05-24\DSCN4585.JPG

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4 pictures for you

1 of 4: My Pictures\2013-05-24\DSCN4586.JPG

2 of 4: My Pictures\2013-05-24\DSCN4587.JPG

3 of 4: My Pictures\2013-05-24\DSCN4588.JPG

4 of 4: My Pictures\2013-05-24\DSCN4589.JPG

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