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Policy Address 2013

(vi) Tobacco Control

61. To safeguard public health, the Government has been adopting a

multi-pronged approach comprising legislation, taxation, publicity, education,

enforcement and provision of smoking cessation services to reduce smoking and

public exposure to second-hand smoke.  After our sustained and continuous

efforts in tobacco control, the prevalence of daily smokers aged 15 and above in

Hong Kong had been reduced steadily from 23.3% in early 1980s to 11.1% in

2010.  We will closely monitor the effectiveness of our tobacco control

measures, including the trend of smoking prevalence, sale figures of cigarettes,

demand for smoking cessation services, enforcement of tobacco control

legislation, public acceptability and expectations regarding tobacco control,

recommendations and guidelines of the World Health Organisation, etc. and

formulate appropriate tobacco control policies and measures.

Food and Health Bureau

January 2013

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