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Cigarettes now NZD 16 per pack

Cigarettes now NZD 16 per pack

02 Jan 2013. The price of a standard pack of 20 cigarettes rose to NZD 16 (EUR 10) (HK$103.5) on 1 Jan as the first of four annual tax increases took effect that will raise duty by at least 40 per cent, the New Zealand Herald reported.

With an inflation factor, this year’s tax increase amounted to 11.1 per cent or NZD 1.60 for a standard pack. The price for a standard pack of 25 cigarettes increased NZD 2 to NZD 20,(HK$129.3)  according to the charitable trust Quit Group.

Ten per cent annual tax hikes plus the inflation component are planned for the next three years. New Zealand intends to be nearly smoke free by 2025. (pi)

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