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New tobacco, alcohol regulation takes effect

New tobacco, alcohol regulation takes effect

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
The China Post news staff
TAIPEI, Taiwan — People carrying more cigarettes and alcohol than allowed into the country at airports are exempt from prison sentences, starting from yesterday, but are subject to a fine and confiscation.

A man surnamed Tseng was fined NT$7,500 for attempting to bring 16 cartons of cigarettes into Taiwan. Custom officials confiscated 15 cartons, leaving Tseng with the one allowed, and gave him a fine of NT$7,500. Tseng was the first example to be made of in accordance with the new regulation.

Custom officials said that according to the Regulations Governing the Declaration, Inspection, Duty and Release of Personal Luggage or Goods of Inward Passengers, people are allowed to bring no more than 1 liter of duty-free alcohol and 200 duty-free cigarettes, or 25 cigars or 1 pound of tobacco, for personal use into Taiwan, adding that travelers can bring up to four times that amount if they make the necessary declarations to custom officials on their own initiative.

According to the newly amended Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act, every additional carton of cigarette brought into the country warrants a NT$500 fine, while every additional liter of alcohol will get violators a NT$2,000 fine.

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