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Should The Full Smoking Ban Be Delayed?

Jan 02, 2009 – SCMP

You see a lot of Hong Kong people smoking on the street beside rubbish bins now that they can no longer smoke in indoor public places.

I see this as a social problem that has to be solved.

There should not be any delay in the implementation of the full smoking ban.

Cigarettes are bad for smokers’ health and the smoke creates pollutants that are harmful to all of us.

Non-smokers are affected by second-hand smoke.

I think the sight of so many people standing around a rubbish bin smoking creates a bad impression for tourists and they might tell friends about this when they return home, which would not be good for the tourism industry.

I also feel that with these people congregating outside to smoke, it cannot help our poor air quality.

This is an added pollutant we do not need.

Sometimes you have to take a strong stand against something. I think, for example, about the upright Qing dynasty official Lin Zexu who destroyed large quantities of opium because it ruined people’s lives.

There is nothing good to say about smoking, and the full smoking ban should be implemented without delay.

Fung Wing-tung, Tsuen Wan

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