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Should The Full Smoking Ban Be Delayed?

Jan 02, 2009 – SCMP

I think we must be firm in refusing to allow an extension of the scheme that allows exemptions to the smoking ban in public places.

As a non-smoker I have waited most of my life to see a full smoking ban implemented. This ban is long overdue.

It was delayed thanks mainly to the action of a number of legislators who are fortunately no longer in Legco.

Early in my working career I had to work in an office filled with chain-smoking colleagues. I needed the job, so I had no choice but to put up with it. My health certainly suffered as a result.

The recent study [by University of Hong Kong researchers] showed just how dangerous passive smoking is. We must stand firm and implement the full ban on the scheduled date.

It is a pity that smoking cannot be banned completely in Hong Kong.

After all, it is really just another dangerous drug.

W. Y. Li, Wan Chai

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