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Smoking ban must be amended

SCMP Sunday 19/8/2012

With the law banning smoking in eating places having been in place for some time, it is really disappointing to see how it has been enforced.

At present, a smoker will only be prosecuted by tobacco control officers when they catch him/her red-handed during regular patrols or spot checks acting on complaints.

So a law-abiding citizen has to suffer when someone is found smoking in a restaurant.

Calling 999 is useless, as the police won’t do anything about such smokers.

For me, I am used to calling the 1823 and lodging a complaint. But one will ask how effective it is when the officers can only take action afterwards.

I suggest the law should be amended so that restaurant owners will also be prosecuted. Of course, more officers and patrols can help to improve the situation.

Lawrence Choi, Sha Shui Po

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