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Should The Full Smoking Ban Be Delayed?

Dec 17 2008 – SCMP

I continue to be perplexed by claims of those such as Lam Kwok-tung (Talkback, December 13) that there is a “right” to smoke in Hong Kong. Nicotine is a listed poison and deliberately applying poison to another person with the intent to harm is against the law.

Smokers know that second-hand smoke causes harm because in Hong Kong we usually blow the exhaled smoke as far away from our faces – and our friends’ faces – as possible.

It is also considered polite to hold a lit cigarette far away from friends’ faces – and direct it instead towards strangers.

Lam Kwok-tung is mistaken in believing that deliberately poisoning people is part of a civilised society.

It is a contravention of Chapter 212, which has the charming title of Offences Against the Person Ordinance.

His best choice, in order to stay within the law and reduce air pollution, is to quit.

Annelise Connell, Stanley

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