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Almost 2,500 smokers quit in Plymouth over the last year

ALMOST 2,500 smokers in Plymouth quit the habit in the last year.

Figures show that thousands of city smokers successfully stopped smoking between April 2011 and March 2012 with the support of local NHS Stop Smoking Services.

Professor Deb Lapthorne, director of public health for Plymouth, said she was pleased many people were taking advantage of free NHS support to help to improve their health.

“Stopping smoking is the single most important way of improving your health,” she said.

“Evidence shows that smokers are four times more likely to quit smoking with the support of the NHS Stop Smoking Services.

“We have a network of convenient, local advisers who run free advice sessions and can offer practical support and guidance on the best methods to quit smoking.

“Our stop smoking sessions are held in a variety of locations including as local pharmacies, GP surgeries, the workplace, libraries and sports centres.”

The NHS in Plymouth runs a variety of individually tailored support services for people who want to stop smoking, including a telephone helpline and local group activity – both in the community and the workplace.

The approach services take to help people stop smoking is based on the latest evidence and the circumstances of individual smokers. Over half of those setting a quit date successfully quit.

Mel Edwards, Plymouth smoking cessation lead, said: “We run so many clinics across the city, we try to be as accessible as possible and we run day time and evening clinics. It’s very successful and we tailor our support to each person and what they need in their life.

“We’re really pleased with the amount, to have 2,500 people in the city who have made such a positive change to their life is fantastic.”

Trevor Wood, from Southway, who smoked for 41 years before he decided to quit, was pleased so many people have made the change.

He said: “So many people quitting smoking is a really good thing. I’d encourage more people to quit now as well, as quickly as they can.”

Trevor recently told his ‘quit smoking’ story in support of the Herald’s loveLIFE campaign to inspire more people to stop smoking.

The campaign aims to encourage people in Plymouth to live a healthier life and do more exercise through four challenges over the course of the 12 months, between October 2011 and October 2012. The challenges are running, walking, swimming or cycling a million miles, dancing a million steps, stubbing out a million cigarettes or losing one hundred thousand pounds in weight.

All people need to do is sign up to the challenges and donate their individual amount, however big or small, to help us reach our goals.

So far a number of smokers have supported the initiative and stubbed out the fags that were so bad for their health.

To find your nearest service in Plymouth and to get advice visit:, email or contact 01752 314 040.

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