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LexUriServ EU Tobacco tax policy

This attachment shows that one size does not fit all. Taxation of 70% of retail tobacco price is Hong Kong is too affordable.

In countries with a high cost of living ( like Hong Kong) the tobacco tax mechanism must reflect the current affordability of such products, the absence of an additional adjustment for inflation and costs of living increases and the shenanigans of Legco members who will do anything for a vote.

Hong Kong tobacco taxation mechanism :

–        Should allow for inflation as an additional tax

–        Should be least the same level as Singapore with regular yearly increases set in stone to combat intransigent lawmakers

–        The funds received should be channeled to prevention and treatment instead of the General Fund

–        Should consider making buying or possessing tobacco illegal for persons born after a certain date and prosecute anyone aiding and abetting

–        Should more effectively control nicotine levels and flavours

–        Should examine and test tar levels rather than relying on industry supplied data

–        Should completely ban tobacco duty free sales at air, land and sea ports

–        Should ban inbound and outbound duty free

–        Should immediately licence all tobacco retailers and ban pictorial advertising of tobacco products on news stands

–        Should make all licensed outdoor patio areas smokefree whether covered or otherwise

–        Should stipulate mandatory jail terms for tobacco executives whose product is found DNP and for possession and peddling of DNP products

–        Should amend legislation to make managers of premises responsible to enforce the laws or lose their licences to operate

–        Should increase tobacco control staff numbers to allow them to be able to perform preventative patrols

–        Should revise the Liquor Licensing laws to stipulate a mandatory ban on the licensee and the premises concerned for flagrant abuse of the laws

Download PDF : LexUriServ

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