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UK Health: Drop in smoking would save £27 million

Reducing smoking levels by just one per cent would save the NHS almost 27 million pounds, figures out today have shown.

There would also be 539 fewer deaths and 2,320 fewer hospital admissions, according to new figures on the Scottish Public Health Observatory website today.

Recent figures also show that there was a 29 per cent increase in 2011 in the number of people trying to stop smoking with the help of NHS smoking cessation services.

Minister for Public Health Michael Matheson said: “Giving up smoking is the single biggest thing anyone can do to improve their health, and these figures show just how big an impact on lives, hospital admissions and the cost to the NHS even a small decrease in the numbers of smokers in Scotland would have.

“It shows we are absolutely right to focus on smoking cessation, spending 14 million pounds a year on supporting people to kick the habit. All NHS boards are currently working to deliver a smoking cessation target which has a focus on achieving quits with their most deprived communities.

“These figures help to identify the wider benefit to Scotland’s health by reducing the number of people smoking. Not only do people lead longer and healthier lives, but the NHS saves money by not having to treat so many smoking-related illnesses.”

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