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Smoking bans are not enforced


I refer to the letter by Peter Wong Sze-chai (“Introduce tobacco-free HK in phases”, June 18).

It may have escaped his attention, but we already have piecemeal non-smoking areas, and designated areas for smokers, including a smoking ban in shopping malls, restaurants and bars, some public transport interchanges, and parks.

What is lacking is effective enforcement. Arrogant smokers flout the law and become abusive when asked to stop.

First, the Tobacco Control Office should start frequent, random undercover inspections of no-smoking zones, issuing fines to offenders.

Second, management companies and bar owners should be made responsible for illegal smoking on their premises.

Illegal smokers will soon show greater respect for the law when there is a high probability of being fined.

Allan Dyer, Wong Chuk Hang

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