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Support for tobacco ban

Support for tobacco ban

CHARLES WATERHOUSE | May 12, 2012 12.01am

THE proposal to ban the supply of tobacco products to Tasmanians born from the year 2000 was welcomed by two 17-year-old smokers in Hobart yesterday.

Edith said the concept that smoking was “totally wrong” was now embedded in society.

“Even for our age, it is something that is shunned upon ,” she said.

She believed there would be plenty of information circulated about the ban.

Edith said taking up smoking was one of her biggest regrets because it was so expensive: “And it is so hard to give up, especially when you are studying and working and stuff and you are so stressed.”

Amber said she agreed with Edith’s comments.

“I guess people born in 2000 are only 12 now so are not going to have the chance to get hooked before it is illegal for them which is a good thing,” she said.

Amber said she had tried quitting but it was hard because all her friends smoked and it was a very social habit. thing.

“Like at school for example at lunchtime everyone goes to the smoking area and if you don’t smoke you are not with your friends.

“For future generations if it is not really a thing everybody does then it will be a lot easier for them not to start smoking.”

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