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Take action, foil smokers

China Daily readers as well as people following news elsewhere should know that though smoking has been banned in public places, related authorities have not done enough to enforce it.

More people should come forward to help impose the ban on smoking in public places. My approach to implementing the ban is quite simple, particularly, in a confined public space. When I see someone smoking, I make my displeasure known to the offender and point to the “No

Smoking” sign. If the offender laughs or ignores the warning, which is often the case, I snatch the cigarette from between his/her fingers, throw it on the ground and stamp it out.

Of course, everyone, including the smoker, is stunned and it has the obvious effect of alerting others that smoking is illegal and reminding people that smoking threatens the health of everyone, including the smoker.

I have been legally advised that any court of law will be compelled to support my action. If enough people do likewise, the law to ban smoking in public places will be fully implemented.

Ross Grainger, via e-mail

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(China Daily 12/28/2011 page9)

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