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Hong Kong Anti-Tobacco Law

20 October, 2006

US judge refuses to let tobacco companies silence Hong Kong anti air-pollution group – agrees to hear Clear The Air arguments

With the Trademark “Marlboro Lights” at risk, Clear The Air may be able to accomplish what the Government and Legco failed to do in yesterday’s Smoking Ordinance amendment. On Oct. 10, Judge Kessler granted the pro-clean air organization permission to be heard in the US court.

The new Hong Kong anti-tobacco law, passed on Thursday, gives Philip Morris until 2008 to take the Marlboro Lights brand off the market. If the US judge agrees with Clear The Air, Philip Morris will be required show no objection to Clear The Air’s application for revocation of the “Marlboro LIGHTS” trademark in Hong Kong and anyone can then sell cigarettes with that name until 2008, destroying the value of the brand to Philip Morris

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