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Australia’s plain cigarette packaging debate could have domino effect overseas–1

Australia’s plain cigarette packaging debate could have domino effect overseas

The Federal Government’s plan to force all tobacco companies to sell cigarettes in plain packaging later this year could have a domino effect overseas.

According to ABC News, the European Union’s latest tobacco products directive is now being revised. Also, researcher Dr Crawford Moodie from Stirling University in Scotland has said that if the push for plain packaging is successful in Australia, other countries will follow.

“Really, the eyes of the world will be on what happens in Australia,” he told ABC News.

The enforcement of plain packaging will mean tobacco companies will not be able to display colours, brands, logos or promotional text on cigarette packets.

Research by Citigroup predicts smoking will die out in Australia by 2030 – only two years before Sweden, and a whole decade ahead of the UK – according to the ABC.

Professor of Health Policy at Curtin University, Mike Daube, said that he hoped cigarettes would no longer be sold in the next decade.

“I think we’re going to see a time where cigarettes can only be obtained from certain sales outlets, and possibly over time only with some kind of sign off that these people are registered smokers,” he told ABC News.

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