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Philip Morris International Charitable Contributions 2010 – area : Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disaster Relief Hong Kong Red Cross Providing disaster relief, rehabilitation and

disaster preparedness work in Haiti.


Hong Kong Education Crossroads Foundation Limited Sponsoring shipment of used computers

donated by PMAL IS Department to reach orphans and vulnerable youth in Kazakhstan & Uganda.

USD 6,452

Hong Kong Hunger & Extreme Poverty Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA)

Funding an emergency aid service which provides 92 low-income elderly people with a

free, 24-hour Personal Emergency Phone Link to hospitals. The service also allows for

complementary care services, e.g. short-term counseling, home visits.


Hong Kong Hunger & Extreme Poverty SVHK Foundation Limited

Supporting a Barrier-Free Transportation Promotion Program which aims to make the

Hong Kong public transportation system wheelchair accessible.


Charitable Contributions 2010 : download PDF : 2010_Charitable_Contributions_Total

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