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NZ bans POS display / Euromonitor webinar

Tobacco displays banned

14.07.2011. New Zealand’s parliament today passed legislation that bans the retail display of tobacco products, reports Radio New Zealand.
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Wales to ban smoking in cars

14.07.2011. First Minister Carwyn Jones proposed to ban smoking in cars carrying children, if children’s exposure to second-hand smoke did not reduce as a result of a campaign.
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Euromonitor holds Webinar

14.07.2011. The London-based research provider Euromonitor International will hold a free online webinar under the title \”\”The Tobacco Industry in 2011 – The Battle Intensifies\”\” on 19 July 2011, 10am EST/ 3pm UK time.
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Neman factory opens new production line

13.07.2011. A new EUR-5.3-million line for the production of super slim cigaretes was launched at the Grodno-based tobacco factory “Neman” on Wednesday.
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