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Tianjin [Municipality] readies new tobacco control regulation: dining establishments must set up independent, airtight smoking room

06/01/2011, (Xinhua News Agency), 53 media hits — This reporter learned from the Tianjin Center for Disease Control and Prevention on May 31 that after taking suggestions from the public in April regarding the proposed Tianjin Tobacco Control Ordinance, the Municipal Legislative Affairs Office, Bureau of Health and Center for Disease Control and Prevention compiled all comments submitted and made revisions to the draft accordingly. The revised draft is now awaiting review by the Tianjin People’s Congress in June. The Tianjin Tobacco Control Ordinance is expected to be formally implemented within the year. According to sources, the bulk of comments from city residents rested on the flimsiness of punitive measures; the contraction of non-smoking sections in restaurants due to the allowance of a smoking section; and the need for greater emphasis on advocacy.

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