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Government to take suggestions from public regarding “Chongqing Secondhand Smoke Hazards Prevention Act”

05/31/2011, Chongqing Daily [Chongqing Municipality], 1 media hit — The latest figures for exposure to secondhand smoke in Chongqing show 15 million city residents exposed to secondhand smoke, and smokers comprising nearly a third of the city’s population. The smoking rate among men is 54.1%, and the smoking rate among women is 4%. These are both higher than the national average. Exposure to secondhand smoke at public venues and workplaces is very serious; 69.1% of respondents said they were exposed to secondhand smoke, with the exposure rate among men at 74.3%, and the exposure rate among women at 66.5%. Chongqing is now creating a smoke-free environment in public venues, and to this end has put forth the “Chongqing Secondhand Smoke Hazards Prevention Act”. The municipal government is planning to solicit public opinion regarding the proposed legislation by way of the media.

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