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21 public venues fined for lax tobacco control

05/31/2011, Oriental Morning Post [Shanghai], 16 media hits — Today is the 24th World No Tobacco Day. It also marks one month since the Ministry of Health’s revised Implementation Guidelines for Public Venue Health Management Policies went into effect. The Q1 tobacco control monitoring report from the Shanghai Health Advancement Commission Office shows that compared to last year, the smoking rate in venues where smoking is prohibited has dropped significantly, the number of people actively discouraging smokers from violating the ban has continued to grow, and awareness of tobacco control regulations among city residents has gradually expanded. According to the Q1 monitoring report, of the 318,614 public venues in Shanghai inspected between March 1, 2010, and March 31, 2011, 4,501 establishments were given a rectification order; 3,559 complied with the rectification order in a timely manner; and 21 were placed on record and fined a combined CNY 49,400. Four internet cafés, 7 entertainment venues, 3 hotels, 3 medical facilities, and 4 public/financial institutions comprised the 21 venues fined. In addition, the Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority’s team of enforcers created a record and fined 178 operators of public transportation – mainly taxi drivers – a combined CNY 8,300.

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