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Findings from United States v. Philip Morris

The Verdict Is In: Findings from United States v. Philip Morris is a compilation of select quotes from 1,259 pages of Findings in a legal document over 1,700 pages long. Our goal in preparing this compilation has been to extract highlights of the Court’s Findings that help tell the story in a direct and easily understandable way

Nicotine “Manipulation”: Defendants Have Falsely Denied That They Can and Do Control the Level of Nicotine Delivered In Order to Create and Sustain Addiction


In this section of the Opinion, Judge Kessler discusses evidence showing that the Defendants control the nicotine levels in cigarettes to ensure that smokers become addicted and stay addicted. Judge Kessler explains that, while the Defendants deny publicly that they manipulate or control the nicotine levels, the facts prove otherwise.

You can download the Findings from United States v. Philip Morris here.

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