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Bar staff do have responsibilities

Last updated: July 28, 2010

Source: South China Morning Post

I refer to the letter by M. Kang (“Stop bothering the bartenders”, July 26).

Bartenders have an important role. They not only serve customers their drinks and food, they should also make sure the customers are in a safe and clean environment.

For example, if someone has already had too much to drink, the bartender should not serve that person any more alcohol and should try and persuade them to go home.

A good bartender will not tolerate anti-social behaviour in the bar, whether they own it or are “just staff”. The same principle applies to smoking.

If people complain about other customers smoking in the bar, in clear violation of the law, staff should not ignore the problem. And if the smokers start to get abusive, then tobacco control officers and the police should be called.

Under the present law, if tobacco control officers are called, the bar owner is not responsible for customers smoking so has nothing to worry about regarding legal action. It is only the smoking customer who should be concerned.

Wouter van Marle, Tai Po

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