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The Health of Catering Workers in Hong Kong

Professor Anthony Hedley from the University of Hong Kong, Department of Community Medicine is carrying out a survey on The Health of Catering Workers in Hong Kong.

In the survey, they need the workers to complete a simple questionnaire about their health and workplace. They would also like them to perform a lung function test. At last, they will collect a urine sample from each worker. As an appreciation, each participant will be compensated with a cash payment of HKD100 upon completion of the survey. The health report will be sent to each worker afterwards.

In addition, they wish to recruit 3-4 non-smoking workers (preferably waiter/waitress) in each venue visit.

Please find the relevant information (both English and Chinese version) for your reference here.

The attached booklet includes:

  1. Information sheet to the catering workers about details of our survey
  2. Informed Consent Form
  3. Questionnaire
  4. Sign up sheet for the incentive payment
  5. Brochure for off-site interview

The brochures will be distributed to the catering workers who are unable to participate during their work shifts. They have reserved several community centers from 7 districts and would like to invite the catering workers to visit any of these venues after their work shifts :

Community Centres

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Ada Ho at 2819 9901.

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