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Smoking is bad for your car’s health

scene from the movie I-SpyFirst published: March 7, 2010

Source: The Mirror

Cigarette sparks car fireball with two girls inside

A parked car with two girls inside exploded in flames early yesterday when
one of them lit a cigarette.

The pair, aged 19 and 20 years, suffered severe burns to their hands and
faces as they escaped from the blazing vehicle.

It is believed their Ford Fiesta had a ruptured fuel line and when one of
lit up it caused leaking fumes to ignite.

Two cars parked either side them in Reading, Berkshire, were also damaged.

Last night a Berkshire Fire Brigade spokesman said: “These two young women
were just sitting in the car listening to music when it exploded in a
fireball. They were very lucky to get out.”

Written by Luke Ryan

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