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Research Report On Chinese Tobacco Industry, 2010-2011 – New Market Report Published

tobacco in ChinaFirst published: March 4, 2010

Source: Companies & Markets

New report provides detailed analysis of the Consumer Goods market

In 2009, Chinese tobacco product industry realized the sales revenue of CNY 443.41 billion, increasing by 13.15% YOY; the growth rate was reduced by 3.13% YOY. By the end of 2009, the assets of Chinese tobacco product industry totaled CNY 494.69 billion, 11.89% increase over 2008; the growth rate dropped by 6.09% YOY. The number of enterprises reached 172 with the YOY growth of 9. The number of employees was 188,800, increasing 16,700 over 2008.
In 2009, the total profit of Chinese tobacco product industry amounted to CNY 62.59 billion, dropping by CNY 5.51 billion YOY.

In 2009, the fixed asset investment in Chinese tobacco manufacturing industry reached CNY 23.70 billion with the growth rate of 63.70% YOY, taking up 0.40% of the total investment in the manufacturing industry.

In 2009, Chinese production of cigarettes was 2.29 trillion, rising by 3.17% YOY. Yunnan, Hunan, Henan, Shandong and Hubei ranked among the Top 5 with the production of 345.79 billion, 169.28 billion, 161.35 billion, 130.02 billion and 127.86 billion separately, of which the aggregate production accounted for 40.78% of the national total production.

In 2009, great changes occurred in Chinese tobacco market environment; the national policy on the cigarette consumption tax also went through significant adjustment. The yearly tobacco tax (including the operation revenue of state-owned capital) amounted to CNY 416.34 billion, increased considerably by CNY 86.46 billion YOY (26.2% YOY). The national 30 major brands remained the outstanding development trend and the concentration ratio was further improved.

In 2009, Chinese 30 major cigarette brands realized the sales volume of 24.47 million boxes, rising by 15.67% YOY. Their sales volume accounted for 54.02% of the total industrial cigarette sales volume, increasing by 5.74% YOY. Their tax amounted to CNY 256.98 billion, taking up 75.67% of the total tax; the proportion rose by 4.26% YOY. The profit reached CNY 52.70 billion, accounting for 85.29% of the total profit; the proportion was raised by 4.62% YOY. Over 12 brands realized the production and sales volume of above 1 million boxes. Among them, the sales volume of Baisha, Hongtashan, Honghe, Hongjinlong and Hongqiqu exceeded 2 million boxes. The sales revenues of 13 brands were above CNY 20 billion. Among them, the sales revenues of Yunyan, Furongwang, Baisha, Hongtashan, Liqun and Shuangxi of Guangdong exceeded CNY 30 billion and that of Chunghwa was over CNY 50 billion.

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