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UK’s tobacco smoking strategy targets kids

16th Feb, 2010

The UK’s new tobacco strategy aims to make smoking history by ensuring fewer children take up the habit.

The strategy plans to reduce smoking among 11-15 year olds from 6 per cent to less than 1 per cent by 2020, and to reduce adult smoking from 21 per cent to fewer than 10 per cent by 2020.

Members of the Smokefree Action Coalition (SAC) say the strategy’s measures have broad appeal and should be implemented which ever political party wins the UK’s next general election.

The strategy also aims to:
•    Reduce exposure to children from secondhand smoke through targeted campaigns highlighting the benefits of smoke-free homes and cars;
•    Strengthening the National Health Services’ Stop Smoking Services;
•    Increase investment to further drive down tobacco smuggling;
•    Sustain high levels of spending on marketing campaigns to encourage smokers to quit;
•    Implement the retail display ban and ban on sale of tobacco from vending machines in the Health Act 2009; and
•    Commit to review the smoke-free legislation in 2010.

SAC member Action on Smoking and Health’s chief executive Deborah Arnott said the strategy demonstrated a continued commitment to tackling what is still the single, largest cause of preventable death and disease in this country.

“Building on the tremendous achievements of the past decade it will put us firmly on the path towards a smoke-free future for our children,” she said.

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