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More than 100 pets were poisoned by e-cigarettes in Britain last year

Vaping might be a lot better for pet owners than smoking cigarettes – but the gadgets pose a risk to pets, a new report found.

Vets say that a ‘large increase’ in the number of pets being poisoned by e-cigarettes, according to figures from the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS).

Last year, 113 pets were poisoned by e-cigarettes in the UK.

The VPIS says, ‘A typical ‘natural’ cigarette could yield, at most, 30mg of nicotine (most have less).

‘E-cigarettes and their refills contain large doses of nicotine (up to 36mg per ml). How well absorbed or how ‘available’ this is for oral or mucosal absorption is not known, but it is reasonable to take any exposure seriously.

‘Ingestion of refill bottles/vials may present a particular hazard as the nicotine may leak over a period of time or may suddenly be released after a variable period in the gut.’


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