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New Health Minister is under fire for voting against major smoking reforms

Tory Jackie Doyle-Price was accused of not even backing ‘basic public health measures’

A NEW Health Minister was under fire last night for voting against major smoking reforms, it has emerged.

Tory Jackie Doyle-Price was last night accused of not even backing “basic public health measures” since was she was elected in 2010.

Her voting record shows she voted against a ban on smoking in private motors where there are kids present.

She also voted against a new law that requires private vehicles be smoke-free where a person under 18 is present.

Doyle-Price, who has been an MP since 2010, also voted to exempt pubs and private members’ clubs from the smoking ban where no grub is served.

Sharon Hodgson, Labour’s Shadow Public Health Minister, said: “Public health ought to be a number one priority for this government, particularly action to tackle smoking related illnesses.

“Jeremy Hunt needs to explain why he’s appointed a new health minister who doesn’t even support basic public health measures.”

Labour also urged the government to publish their Tobacco Control Plan which they claim is months late.

Deborah Arnott Chief Executive of Action on Smoking and Health last night said: “Before the election the Government had committed to publishing a new Tobacco Control Plan ‘shortly’.

“The best way for Jeremy Hunt to prove his continuing commitment to public health and tackling tobacco is to publish the Plan without further delay.”

Figures show smoking is the leading cause of preventable premature death killing 79,000 people in 2015

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