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The effectiveness of the 85% health warning label cigarette pack on responsive smoking behaviors among Thai teenagers in 2015

Conference: Public Health Conference, At Bangkok, Thailand


Prof. Dr.Pimpan Silpasuwan, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Chukiat Viwatwongkasem, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pratana Satitvipawee, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nithat Sirichotiratana, Assoc.Prof. Dusit Sujirarat, Assist. Dr. Malinee Sompopcharoen, Assist. Dr. Naruemon Auemaneekul,Mr.Narin Pandee Abstract Significance and background: The Ministry of Public Health of Thailand planned to increase the size of the graphic health warning (HWG) up to 85% on cigarette pack; however, such attempt was much criticized by major international tobacco companies. Hence, a legal challenge and the court battle has highlighted on whether the increasing of the HWG size is necessary, in other words, whether it be able to help reduce smoking effectively. Then, this field experiment was implemented to test the effectiveness of the 85% HWG size on the reduction of cigarette smoking.


Factorial design was implemented among 724 students from four high schools and five colleges in Bangkok Metropolitan areas in 2015. In June 2015, the research participants were exposed to see eight mock-up cigarette packs, in which, the mock-ups have two size of the HWG (55% and 85%), two types of the cigarette pack (plain pack and branded pack), and two kinds of the selected HWG picture (CA mouth and Weaker sex). All students reported their perceptions, as well as, their intention to quit smoking after seeing eight mock-up cigarette packs via the questionnaire.


The results from the questionnaire revealed that (1) the 85% of CA mouth picture on the plain pack significantly increased the intention to quit smoking among the non-smoke students than the picture of Weaker sex; and (2) the increasing size of The HWG on cigarette pack differently interacted with the intention to quit smoking among smoke students via the fear arousal feeling.


The early indication confirmed that the 85% HWG could help increase the intention to quit smoking; thus, the Thai government policy on changing the HWG size is supported.

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